The modern practice of Trolddom is a form of spell-craft, however the traditional Norse practice of magic also included the thaumaturgic arts of conjuration of spirit and was defined as: Trolddom (as a form of thaumaturgy) is the ability to attain objectives or acquire knowledge and/or wisdom using supernatural means, and also a practice of interacting with the supernatural world and supernatural entities. It was practiced in Norse society during the Scandinavian Iron Age and is still practiced throughout the Scandinavian countries, Europe and North America today.

Trolddom is associated with the god Oðin, and is connected with the Old Norse religion, although its origins are largely unknown. A practitioner of trolddom is called a troldmand (male) or troldkvinde (female). A troldmand can also be referred to as a thaumaturge or thaumaturgist. Trolddom is dedicated to the god Oðin and was and is the source for help with hauntings, possessions, and paranormal information in general.

This website is a source for PRETERNATURAL MEDIATION SERVICES and information and help with the paranormal, or just answers to paranormal questions. Even though the purpose of this site is to be a social network developed for our clients and members to communicate and interact with our trolddom staff and fellow members, we welcome those interested in what we do here.

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